Scientific Grants

The activity of our group members is funded through a quite complex scheme according to their scientific position statute and respecting the Romanian laws and regulations.
The list of funding grants on this page contains only the funding grants which are mainly on topics of (high energy) elementary particle physics and support the activity of a sizable number of the group members. Occasionally, the group management may opt to allow hosting in this web site also grants funding the activity of a minority of the group members (for reasons of more effiencient administration or lack of better hosting alternatives) - the minimal requirement is that the project scientific manager is a member of LHCb collaboration at CERN and maintains this statute for the whole course of the funding grant.
However, each grant/project web page should be regarded as an independent/stand-alone document formatted according to the requirements and regulations of the correspoding project contract (funding agency). The information disseminated through such a project web pages falls completely under the reponsibility of corresponding project (scientific) manager/director, the LHCb Romania group management reserving the right to issue recommendations on publishing scientific results that could potentially be interpreted as breaching the policies and regulations of the LHCb collaboration.

PeriodFunding AgencyProject Identification
(id, title/acronym & internal link)
2012 - 2015 IFA PNCDI II, Module III: Capacităţi, RO-CERN: LHCb; contract no. 3/03.01.2012
LHCb - from strangeness to b hadron physics and beyond
2011 - 2016 UEFISCDI PNCDI II, "IDEI" Program, project PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0749; contract no. 56/07.10.2011
Studies of flavour production mechanisms in the pp interaction
2016 - 2019 IFA PNCDI III, Module CERN-RO, Program 5, Subprogram 5.2
LHCb; contract no. 7/16.03.2016

LHCb - Study of hadron production, flavour physics for heavy particles & the Upgrade program
2019 - 2022 IFA PNCDI III, Module CERN-RO, Program 5, Subprogram 5.2
The LHCb detector, particle production in high-rapidity pp collisions at LHC, heavy hadron decays, the Upgrade programme
2022 - 2024 IFA PNCDI III, Module CERN-RO, Program 5, Subprogram 5.2
LHCb, forward particle production, decays of the heavy hadrons and the detector upgrade phases in the HL-LHC era