LHCb Romania group's short history

The Romanian participation in the LHCb started in 1996, our team, LHCb-Ro, being involved in: design, construction, commissioning, cosmic ray tests and calibration of the calorimeter modules (see here); development of software for calorimeter, computing, and online projects; design and maintenance of the tool used for the shift organisation (ShiftDB); hardware and software upgrade and maintenance of the local GRID clusters; calibration of the RICH detector using data (see here). We also worked on the validation of the Monte Carlo (MC) simulation in 2008-2009 and 2011. In 2008-2011 we participated in data taking only as Data Managers, while in 2011-2013 we also contributed to Data Quality and Production shifts. It is worth noticing that the period from 2009-2011 was a difficult one for LHCb-Ro as the team structure and its programme undergone considerable changes due to the successive changes of the team leaders. From January 2011 the group started a new organization and programme.

Some of the physics studies pursued before 2011 followed two main directions: minimum bias physics (MB) that evolved from the studies for calibration of RICH sub-detector using Λ→πp (see here) and feasibility studies of algorithms for selecting various b-hadrons using kinematic and geometrical constraints. In year 2011, the physics effort of the group increased and a new physics program was initiated.