Service Tasks

On this page the service tasks which are currently the group's responsability inside the LHCb Collaboration are described in detail.

MC validation & service work

  1. Our group developed an interface between the RIVET library and the LHCb simulation software package (GAUSS). This work was mainly done in late summer of 2011 in close collaboration with members of LPCC. The main goal of this task is to allow the members of the LHCb collaboration to write RIVET plugins for published papers and thus contribute to the results published on MCPLOTS.
  2. Members of LHCb-RO currently (Nov. 2011) work on the integration of the PYTHIA 8 Monte Carlo generator into the LHCb framework.
  3. A series of existing MC tunes were implemented in GAUSS and work is on going on implementing LHCb specific tunes; for some of these tunes we will use the Professor/RIVET tuning toolkit.
  4. A new GAUSS package Gen/GenTune was developed and is being maintained by the group for purposes of MC generator validation and tuning, but also allowing faster development of RIVET plugins for the collaboration physics analyses.
    As part of this task, our group currently provides support for managing integration of LHCb published results in HepData reaction data base.
  5. Some of our members are active in the LHCb Production & Spectroscopy working group at CERN. As such, their responsibility is to participate at validation studies of various MC tunes and production data samples when new versions of the LHCb simulation software packages are released.
  6. As of autumn 2013, one of the members of our group is directly responsible for the production of MC samples for the analyses performed in the QEE (QCD Electroweak Exotica) working group (WG) at LHCb. Also another member became convener of the Soft QCD sub-group within the same QEE WG for a mandate of 2 years. Since 2015 the convener tasks were taken over by another member of the group for a mandate of 2 years.

Support for GRID Tier-2 sites

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